Petrified Forest National Park

We visited the most terrifying forest in the country! Well at least that was the impression one of our friends had when we told her that we were at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  Although this friend is of the lighter hue when it comes to hair follicles, we understood her confusion. Yes, petrified... Continue Reading →


Three Days, Three National Monuments

Three National Monuments, that’s what we’ve been up to since we last spoke. Staying busy, seeing new things and meeting new people. All without a care in the world. What else could one in this day and age ask for? Life has changed a lot for us over the past 17 months. Our former life... Continue Reading →

Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks

We made it to California and had a good ol’ fashion threesome.  That is, we visited three of the state's national parks in succession. First the iconic Yosemite, then the lesser known Kings Canyon, ending with Sequoia. I’ll discuss in that exact order. Yosemite National Park – the valley that has inspired so many throughout... Continue Reading →

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